Category: Typography

  • Logo of the Month #5

    For January I nominate the new Intel logo as Logo of the Month. They’ve managed to blend a new type treatment with the old “Intel Inside” shape and that is pretty cool. What do you think?

  • Logo of the Month #4

    I just love how the “J” and “B” in Julia Baker Confections lines up so perfectly. It is brilliant.

  • Logo of the Month #3: Fender

    I was going to skip this month since I hadn’t seen any good logos and then I had a discussion with someone who works at Fender Guitars and decided it was worth telling their story here on BrainFuel. Fender Guitars is based right here in Scottsdale, AZ and is celebrating 60 years at the moment.…

  • Logo of the Month #2

    Who along with me thinks that Rollyo has the slickest logo you’ve seen all month? Think they deserve a Logo of the Month award for September? I do. Archive: Flying Lightbulb Software (August)