Logo of the Month #2

Who along with me thinks that Rollyo has the slickest logo you’ve seen all month? Think they deserve a Logo of the Month award for September? I do.

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20 responses to “Logo of the Month #2”

  1. Is it candy?
    Looks like the fruit rollups my four year-old enjoys — not a search engine.

    Cool graphic, yes — but logo? Errrr…

  2. Overall, I dig it but the perspective bugs me. I like the color and (here comes a pun… wait for it… wait for it) flavor. But the back strip should have the same angle of top as the front roll, eh?

    I like the implied though. Bullseye. Hip. Fun. SweetDude. Logo for search engine is a stretch for me, but I can see a thought process.

    Is it “Roll-Yo” or “Rolly-O”?

  3. Jessica: Those are some good thoughts and I’ll admit the name has me confused. I am not sure. They should put something up there to tell people how to pronounce it. Oh well.

  4. (actually, now that I think about it, it would be possible to get a roll that looked like in the picture– but you’d have to do some math to figure out how long each colored section would need to be…. ugh)

    And it looks out of perspective to me, too, though I can’t say why exactly…

  5. Thanks for the nomination! ๐Ÿ™‚

    To help clarify things a bit: Rollyo is short for “Roll Your Own (search engine)”, hence the roll. Technically, yes, a roll would be spiraled — but this the magical pretend world of the internets. Where anything can happen!

    But more seriously, the bulls-eye is intentional — where Rollyo provides “targeted” search results by “rolling” your own “searchrolls”. I should’ve gone with a magnifying glass ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Sorry, it should be pronounced “Roll-Yo.” As in “Roll Yo Own.”

    If they start saying “Roll Your Own Search” then I would think people would pronounce it “Roll-Yo.”

    I don’t think a magnifying glass would give the same “Roll It, Yo” effect. I like that the logo is not cliche. Much heart for the magic of the internets.

  7. Roll.. Yo.

    I know I know, two posts in one day (actually, im 24 minutes into the next day but, eh). But I don’t really care. I felt the need to write about this. It seems anymore if you make a post more frequently than once a week you are uncool. But I dig…

  8. I would have to agree that the logo goes very well with the name rollyo very visually impressive, but yes theres a but… just looking at the name and logo I would never put it together with a search, but I guess who would think of google as a search engine it it wasnt so widely known?

  9. Well, I think its a clean vissually impressive logo.. for a kids sweet. Like a lot of peeps I can’t see any relation to a search engine, however – that wouldnt matter if it was already well known.. which it isn’t, and I personally think ‘rollyo’ is too easily wrongly remembered.. give me ten minutes and I’ll be thinking, rolloy? rollio etc.. just my humble opinion. Nice clean graphic though.

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