Category: Typography

  • Logo of the Month #9

    For June’s Logo of the Month I have decided to feature a blog logo. This month check out this beautiful logo which headlines the Green LA Girl web site. Very well done.

  • Pinapple Juice

    I thought this ad was really neat, it’s for Del Monte Pinapple Juice and I found it on this Flickr set showcasing vintage beverage ads.

  • Logo of the Month #8

    I liked the Food Network’s logo implementation on their site (be sure to watch the animation on the site). Plus the green matches BrainFuel.

  • Logo of the Month #7

    For April I vote for 6th Street Cafe as the logo of the month. It’s a small cafe in Tucson which someone told me about and I can just imagine this sign hanging above a sidewalk enticing people with it trendy design. If someone can name the font used that would be swell.