Category: Typography

  • Branding

    Somebody needs to create a guide to selling branding without sounding like you’re selling worthless consulting.

  • Logo of the Month #6

    For March I’m voting for this logo as Logo of the Month. This logo belongs to a worldwide recruiting firm which is currently rebranding from a number of company names into one name — Manpower. While I do believe the icon is super simple I think it works in this case. Using but a small…

  • Zip file with about 300 cool logos

    Almost two years ago I posted a link here on BrainFuel to a zip file containing at the time about 150 logos I thought were cool. Today the zip file contains at least a hundred and fifty more good logos you can use as inspiration. That’s about 300. Whenever I see a great logo I’ve…

  • Coffee shop logos

    If you’re interested in coffee shop logos like I am, or logos in general, don’t miss my interesting post about this topic over on my coffee blog.