Zip file with about 300 cool logos

Almost two years ago I posted a link here on BrainFuel to a zip file containing at the time about 150 logos I thought were cool. Today the zip file contains at least a hundred and fifty more good logos you can use as inspiration. That’s about 300.

Whenever I see a great logo I’ve saved a copy to my hard drive. Grab a copy for yourself.

9 responses to “Zip file with about 300 cool logos”

  1. Ahh, so now I remember how I first came across your site! It was from the first time you did this.


    Have you thought about cataloging these? My thought would be to put them all in a pdf file with metadata attached to each logo that could be easily referenced via search for the future.

  2. The other day I thought about making a gallery online with the logos but then I decided it would be useless. When I use it I just browse it locally in a thumbnail view. Works good enough.

  3. I’ve been using for this very purpose for some time now – sometimes I will just browse and browse for ages before I ‘find’ some inspiration.

    Thanks for the file Chris, it might save on my bandwidth in future.

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