Category: Typography

  • New Type from Microsoft next year

    Microsoft is releasing six new typefaces next year, all will be introduced and over a few years hopefully will be adopted for all computers released. This means we’ll have that many more fonts to use on web sites! Hooray. There is an article over at Poynter Online which discusses these fonts, shows samples, and provides…

  • Fonts

    In the past year or two I’ve met a couple of people who only know of two or three fonts. They’re usually the old school fonts and come in one of these flavors: Garamond Helvetica Times And, if they’re being brave they’ll live with Arial or Verdana.

  • Comic fonts and lettering

    Andrew Smith forwarded me this link to a site with free comic fonts and letter typefaces. It’s pretty neat. Might be useful for a banner graphic or something.

  • Some nice type

    Some great free fonts over at Letterhead Fonts.