50s motel signage

Check out this cool resource with photos of neat motel signage from the 50s (via Airbag).


Disney Lettering

This is pretty cool… some guy took photos at Disneyland specifically of the type treatments.

Excerpt: On a recent trip to Disneyland in Southern California, I noticed I was taking just as many photos of type as I was of my kids. Regardless of how you feel about the Disney company, one has to admit that if by nothing other than sheer quantity alone, their support of typographers and sign painters is truly astounding. Just like in any city, there is typography at every turn, but unlike the city I live in, Disneyland has chosen to use very few vinyl transfers — instead, nearly every sign, window, trash can, or placard is completely hand painted.


Fonts archive

design answers
Offers a variety of very tiny fonts for web design. Available in Mac or PC formats.

Upload a font graphic (gif, jpg) and this site will identify the typeface used!

04 Bitmap
Another site that has some good fonts

Silkscreen font
A classic small bitmap font for use in small point sizes.

The Scourge of Arial (Article)
An interesting article highlight the history of Helvetical and Arial. Another good article on the same site is properly titled "How to Spot Arial."


introduction to typography

I learned two things from finding this guide on the Microsoft site: 1.) Someone at Microsoft actually knows something about typography. 2.) That person also has a sense of humor. 3.)That person also seems to be English, as you’ll see in the first paragraph.

It’s titled “A DISAGREEABLY FACETIOUS TYPE GLOSSARY” but is actually the best intro to fonts and typographic concepts I’ve seen. Very good reading for students and newbie graphic designers.

Somewhat unrelated, I came across this lovely blog archive richly populated with typography links. One could (wisely) spend a lot of time here.