Category: Typography

  • 50s motel signage

    Check out this cool resource with photos of neat motel signage from the 50s (via Airbag).

  • Disney Lettering

    This is pretty cool… some guy took photos at Disneyland specifically of the type treatments. Excerpt: On a recent trip to Disneyland in Southern California, I noticed I was taking just as many photos of type as I was of my kids. Regardless of how you feel about the Disney company, one has to admit […]

  • Fonts archive

    design answers Offers a variety of very tiny fonts for web design. Available in Mac or PC formats. WhatTheFont Upload a font graphic (gif, jpg) and this site will identify the typeface used! 04 Bitmap Another site that has some good fonts Silkscreen font A classic small bitmap font for use in small point sizes. […]

  • introduction to typography

    I learned two things from finding this guide on the Microsoft site: 1.) Someone at Microsoft actually knows something about typography. 2.) That person also has a sense of humor. 3.)That person also seems to be English, as you’ll see in the first paragraph. It’s titled “A DISAGREEABLY FACETIOUS TYPE GLOSSARY” but is actually the […]