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  • PHP Events Calendar Systems

    Two nice calendar systems for PHP (neither one is free but not too bad of a price): Calendar Express 2 – Robust system with a full administration panel and multiple categories and different display options (weekly, monthly, yearly events view). Easy PHP Calendar – Simpler than Calendar Express in its visual appearance and administration. I…

  • So are you talking?

    My Google Talk name is brooksbrother, so send me a message to say hi They sure missed the boat by not releasing a Mac client the same day.

  • Macromedia Announces Studio 8

    The upgrade is $400 for the suite and it comes out in September. Imagine once Adobe gets their hands on it and makes the super duper suite how expensive it will be to upgrade. Macromedia info on the upgrade. As of this morning I couldn’t find it on Amazon.

  • Vanilla Forum

    Vanilla Forum (PHP/MySQL) looks really nice. It’s new. Also, they have a FileBrowser program that’s also interesting. I haven’t tried either.