Category: Software

  • Non destructive Photoshop editing

    I was seriously going to write a short little article about non destructive Photoshop editing this week, but despite my best efforts I didn’t have the time. And then someone went and wrote this great article and so I’ll just link there.

  • Hamachi

    Earlier this month Tom pointed me to the Hamachi web site and said “download this.” So I’m going to tell the rest of you the same thing. This program simply works. You can install it on all of your PC’s (no Mac version yet) and it essentially creates a VPN of sorts allowing you to…

  • Five More Photoshop Tips You Can Use

    Back in December I posted five simple Photoshop tips on BrainFuel. I’m excited to bring you another five Photoshop tips. Use the Reset Button. When you are in a Photoshop dialog (for example, the Image… dialog) you can press the Alt key on your keyboard (Option on the Mac) and the Cancel button will change…

  • Inexpensive Photo Editing Software

    We have a client who would like to purchase Photoshop to edit their product images however they don’t want to spend the money. Besides Photoshop, what image editing apps do you recommend in the sub $200 market?