Category: Software

  • Launchy Updated: Program Launcher for Windows

    My favorite new Windows application has been updated. Launchy now indexes your Firefox favorites, allows you to type in web urls, and even has a built in calculator. Awesome!

  • PowerSnap Photo Tool for Windows XP

    I’m giving PowerSnap a shot. I’m importing a bunch of my photos into it to see how it runs. Should be interesting.

  • Must Have Apps for Windows XP

    What are your Must Have Apps for Windows XP? Taking a cue from Web Worker Daily, I’ll post mine here. FastStone Capture (screenshots) Launchy (launching programs in seconds) Picasa (photo management and manipulation) Karen’s Replicator (backups) Irfanview (quick image viewing) I’ve left off the basics like Photoshop and Word, which means that everything above is…

  • Photoshop Tip: How to properly drag guides onto your image

    Often times when I receive someone else’s Photoshop file that has guides in it, I find the guides are not snapped to the edge of the pixel. To avoid this, simply hold the Shift key when you drag a guide onto the canvas. Doing so will cause the guide to snap to each pixel. If…