Category: Software

  • Microsoft BizSpark

    Microsoft has introduced a new program for early stage startups called BizSpark. The goal of the program is to help get broke starups the tools they need to develop and deploy their software. There are a few requirements to enroll in the program: Your startup has to be younger than 3 years old, make less…

  • Viddler Vidgets

    The team at Viddler has just launched a new code generating system called Viddler Vidgets. It allows you to easily create an HTML / Javascript page showing your videos in a number of formats. As you can see by my example below, I was able to quickly create a collection of 20 of my…

  • Undercover

    Andrew shared this link with me. It’s a fascinating product for the Mac which helps you recover a stolen laptop.

  • Content Aware Image Resizing

    This is the kind of technology that makes birds do a jingle. Apparently the guys that made this technology got hired by Adobe the next day.