Category: Software

  • A New CMS and Why

       As some of you may know, I launched a new, simple cms system yesterday called Clover Content. I thought you might be interested in understanding why I spent the last year developing yet another cms. There’s a real problem with content management systems. I’m not talking about the big enterprise platforms. I’m talking about […]

  • A Top 91 List For Programmers

    I’m a fan of top 5 lists. Top 10 lists are even better, but this is a top 91 list of resources to make you a better programmer. You’d think there would be 9 more to make it an even 100. Come to think of it, it’s really bugging me now, kind of like when […]

  • Torrid Browser Affair

    Remember when Google Chrome came out a few months ago? I have to admit, I was in love when I first saw it. I used it for days, and then, after a short affair, I went back to FireFox. I still hold out hope for Chrome, but it has a long way to go before […]

  • Mint is Sweet

    Mint is probably the most impressive web application on the planet right now. And with the economy getting more shaky every day, who doesn’t need to monitor their finances? I started using Mint about a year ago. At that time it was nice, but pretty basic. Now, Mint has one of the best user experiences […]