Torrid Browser Affair

Remember when Google Chrome came out a few months ago? I have to admit, I was in love when I first saw it. I used it for days, and then, after a short affair, I went back to FireFox. I still hold out hope for Chrome, but it has a long way to go before it can rival FireFox, in my opinion.

I came across this post about Chrome at Computer World and thought it was pretty funny. From the article:

Then, last September, Google Chrome came into my life. I admit I was totally infatuated.

She was sweet. Good looking, easy, and uncomplicated, just the way I like them. And she had something extra, something indefinable. Call it the Google magic. Whatever it was, I was hooked.

We went everywhere together. Sometimes I’d have 20 or 30 tabs open at once. She was a free spirit, and nimble as hell. I loved the cute little button that let me quickly open new tabs and the way she showed me thumbnails of my favorite sites; I didn’t even have to ask. And if I needed a little private time, no problem – she’d open an incognito window for me and quietly step away.

I thought it would be a three-day fling. I never imagined we’d move in together.

But when you showed up, it got ugly. She hated it when another browser came into the room. And not just you; Safari, Flock, Opera, even IE during those desperate moments when a Web site just insisted on it. My system would freeze tight and I’d have to crawl under my desk and yank the power cord. It was humiliating.

So I made a difficult decision. I made Chrome my default. I committed.

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  1. Your excerpt makes it look like he sticks with Chrome, but then i read the post and its an apology letter to Firefox which ends with him saying that he wants to come home. Very funny.

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