Must Have Apps for Windows XP

What are your Must Have Apps for Windows XP? Taking a cue from Web Worker Daily, I’ll post mine here.

I’ve left off the basics like Photoshop and Word, which means that everything above is a free product. What are your favorite must have apps for Windows XP?

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  1. Flyakite and WindowBlinds to make it look Mac-ish?

    All kidding aside though, I couldn’t do without They have this little extension that allows you to alt-click any word (in your browser, a word document, etc.) and you get a little pop-up with either dictionary or encyclopedic information. Need more? Click and it opens a new tab with all the info. I love it.

    I use Screenhunter for screen shots which works wonderfully well. It’s very basic (all, window or selection) but I use it tonnes!

    I don’t get Karen’s Replicator though. Backups, what’s that? Oops 😉

  2. FastStone Capture is a great app to have, it has been such a timesaver (BTW, I’ve been meaning to try Launchy but haven’t got around to it yet).

    If you’re constantly tweaking your WordPress themes or code, XAMPP Lite is a nice app that allows you to run Apache, PHP, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin locally – and thus WordPress locally.

  3. I won’t get into my favorite Firefox and Thunderbird extensions. But there’s some apps that haven’t been mentioned that I use quite a lot.

    SnagIt – my screenshot app of choice. As good as any, I use this one mostly out of habit.

    XYplorer – multi-tabbed file manager utility (does some kickass things that Windows Explorer should, but doesn’t.) Saves me hours in various ways over the course of a week.

    AllNetic Time Tracker – the horrid website aside, my absolute favorite method for tracking billable/unbillable time across multiple clients and projects as I work. Very configurable, very slick, and stays out of the way.

    Color Schemer Studio – works great for putting together color palettes. I thought it was stupid at first Photoshop/Illustator work fine, right? Try it. So very nice.

    Moneydance – finance manager that works on Mac and Linux, too. So I can keep track of the dough in the same encrypted data file on my MacBook(OSX) and my XP desktop. It’s cheap too. It beats the pants off the big ones out there, IMO.

    SyncBack – backup/mirroring/synchronization app. It’s a little fiddly to get things set up. But once you get your head around it, it’s awesome.

    WinRar – swiss army knife of compression utilities. Used it forever. (Since Win95, yikes!)

    The rest are incredibly predictable in this group of peeps. :^)

  4. Holy crap.

    I forgot Notepad++ – lightweight Notepad replacement. Has tabs. Has lots of other things, but tabs = good.


    KeepPass – password database/manager. Very nice.

    I’m a bumbling fool without most any of the apps I listed.

  5. Mister Jason, you listed some great apps that I completely forgot about! Two thumbs up on Notepad++ and SyncBack. Although SnagIt isn’t free, or did I miss something? You could use CamStudio if we’re keeping with a “free” theme.

  6. There is no need to ever install WinZip now that ZIP format is handled by Windows OS. If you need a more obscure de-compressor, use the opensource 7 Zip utility that will decompress rar, arj, lzh and more!

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