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Vanilla Forum (PHP/MySQL) looks really nice. It’s new. Also, they have a FileBrowser program that’s also interesting. I haven’t tried either.

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  1. Just tested it out, i love it. Great for documentation or FAQ etc. etc. However if your looking for features i would stick with IPB or phpBB2.

  2. I just installed the file browser! This thing is awesome! Just upload pictures to a folder, run the script to make thumbnail images, and you have a photo gallery. Really nice! I’m going to be using this one a lot.

  3. I installed the forum and it seriously rocks. It’s clearly the best forum I’ve used and many of my friends agree. We even modified the CSS to integrate our own colors and design.

  4. The version 1 is out.
    Still great, and for the feature, you will find everything you want in the add-ons directory or will easely create one.

    Your forum will look like just exactly what you want.

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