So are you talking?

My Google Talk name is brooksbrother, so send me a message to say hi They sure missed the boat by not releasing a Mac client the same day.

3 responses to “So are you talking?”

  1. So I’ve been chatting with everyone under the sun and it’s been a lot of fun. If you have Google send me a message. The interesting things about Google’s software that I’ve found:

    * No way to set an idle time limit
    * No buddy icons or anything like that
    * No way to change your display name, although you can do “away” messages
    * No built in support for emoticons

  2. Two interesting follow ups:

    1. Google now lets you specify your own from address in Gmail meaning you can use it as an email program and bypass all of the Gmail addres stuff. That’s interesting. Details are here

    2. Back in March I posted about Google and what happens when they turn “evil” ala Wal-Mart or Microsoft. Well, there’s been some discussion about this and here are some thoughts on it…

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