Category: Software

  • Urchin 6 vs 5

    Since Google bought Urchin back a few months ago I hadn’t visited the Urchin web site but it has been vastly improved. Here is a link to a tour of Urchin 6 On Demand. They have released a new version that’s not hosted on your own server, but on theirs. That’s cool, I’m curious about…

  • Time & Chaos Freeware

    Time & Chaos is a great application (Windows) which I’ve used as a contact manager when I do cold calls. Highly recommended and the company just released a free version which you can download.

  • Dual-monitor PC into a dual mac-PC system

    Thanks to Ben for sending me this link. Here’s an article which explains how you can set up a PC and Mac to share the same keyboard and mouse. We pause for commercial break while I kill a huuuuugeeee roach!!! Done. You can be sure that I am going to try this trick. I have…

  • Photoshop CS2

    Has anyone upgraded to Photoshop CS2? I know the new version has been out for several weeks and I personally haven’t seen a reason to rush out and upgrade. I can’t see any new features for web designers. Anybody?