Urchin 6 vs 5

Since Google bought Urchin back a few months ago I hadn’t visited the Urchin web site but it has been vastly improved. Here is a link to a tour of Urchin 6 On Demand. They have released a new version that’s not hosted on your own server, but on theirs. That’s cool, I’m curious about they’re plans to upgrade the stand-alone version.

I’m not entirely sure how the dolphin pictures on their new web site fit in however they look friendly so I’m sure it’s safe.

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  1. Yeah, this new version of Urchin is really cool. It even has geo-tracking so that you can discovere the *city* that each user is coming from. I think they’ve totally got the right idea with the pricing model, too. We web firms pay a small fee per month, they keep it upgraded, and then we’ve got this awesome traffic stats package. Very cool stuff.

  2. The only thing that I am a little worried about is that Urchin doesn’t have a comparison between Urchin 5 and Urchin 6. It worries me because I can’t convince my boss that it’s best to drop Urchin 5 and go to Urchin 6 when their own site doesn’t offer what the differences are.

    Anyone find a document from Urchin that has the differences? Thanks,
    Chad R. Smith
    Director of Web Development
    Maple Mountain Industries
    50 Marketing

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