Category: Software

  • PunBB

    PunBB looks like a nice alternative to all of the other bulletin board systems on the market today. It has less code, (supposedly) outputs valid XHTML, and driven by PHP. It even exports an RSS feed (since I know someone will ask).

  • Google Toolbar: Now on FireFox

    Firefox users now have something to jump around for. The new Googlebar beta for Firefox.

  • Real Estate: Listings online

    So lately I have been working with a number of real estate agents on web site projects. I’ve actually not yet worked on an individual real estate site – just brokers and industry related sites. Next week I am going to be building several sites for some realtors and have been searching for software that…

  • Banner Ads: Software for serving?

    Hello folks, I have three projects incidentially that want to serve banner ads on sites right now and my experience in this area is lacking. All three sites would most likely be hosted on an Apache web server so PHP software is probably the best in this case. So what I’m looking for are suggestions…