Category: Software

  • Veer Desktop backgrounds

    Veer has a HUGE supply of cool desktop backgrounds. One for every day of the year I’m sure.

  • Site Search (PHP)

    I found this cool PHP search script today. It’s called Site Search Pro and sells for about $30.

  • Mpeg editor?

    Hi folks, I need a quick simple program that can be used to edit an mpeg file. Essentially I don’t need a lot of features, just the ability to trim and then export (ideally to WMV). Any suggestions?? Free is best in this case. Update: I ended up using the Windows Media Encoder provided by…

  • I need a ASP “Remind Me By Email” script

    We’re building a web site for a local bakery and they want to let their customers create “reminders” for themselves. Essentially they want people to choose a few specific dates (such as Anniversary, or Birthday) and they’d get an email 2-weeks in advance of that date reminding them that they should place an order. Can…