Category: Software

  • Store Locator script

    I need recommendations for a sort of franchise locator script. The kind where people enter a zip code or choose a state and get a listing of locations or stores nearby. Any recommendations? Let me know. My needs call for a Windows ASP/.NET script. I’ve been looking on HotScripts and found one called Easy To […]

  • Google bought Picasa

    I’ve been a user of Picasa since shortly after it came out one to two years ago. I’ve suggested the product to all of my friends and touted its strengths to more people than probably cared. Now, Google has purchased Picasa and is offering it as a free download. As a business owner I was […]

  • RAW to JPG converter for Photoshop CS

    I needed to convert about 100 RAW photos to JPG quickly and came across Dr. Russell Brown’s Image Processor 2.0. It worked like magic. If you ever need to convert RAW to JPG, PSD, or TIF (or all three), this thing rocks like never before. What’s even cooler is it’s a javascript you download and […]

  • Trouble Ticket Systems

    I wondered if anybody could recommend a good trouble ticketing system? Need something that’s web based and can receive new tickets via either e-mail or web form. Thanks! Update: A few systems I have found: OmniStar Live, phpSupport, TIS LIGHT, Support Services Manager, PHP Ticket.