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  • Gmail tips

    Some good Gmail tips.

  • I want expanded OSX mouse control

    I’m looking for some assistance. I’ve searched through and searched Google looking for a decent OSX mouse control application that will expand my control over its speed. Specifically, I want to remove the highly focused control it gives me at slow speeds and over buttons. Can anybody recommend a program I should try? Update: […]

  • Thanks Bill

    Thanks to Bill Brown, all of us here at Tornado now have Gmail e-mail accounts! Sweet interface if you ask me! They’ve used some very innovative scripting and layout concepts within the system. Thanks Bill!!! For those of you that don’t know, Bill is a local developer / internet geek (in the Phoenix area) and […]

  • Various (previously phpWebSite)

    phpWebSite is a free, OpenSource PHP Content Management System. – Thanks Kent! Also, view and try out complimentary colors with this handy site. The Transit of Venus (and how one guy took some awesome photos of Venus passing across the Sun). Extreme Ironing… (imagine Strongbad saying that!). Don’t miss the gallery. If you don’t know […]