Category: Software

  • Looking for an ecommerce system that…

    We’re looking for recommendations for a well built ecommerce application that would allow us to select multiple products and then ship each of them to a different person… for example, when I order holiday gifts from Harry & David I can choose to ship to all of my friends in one “order.” Has anybody seen […]

  • Two things

    Firstly, a cool desktop backgrounds web site with some excellent photos. Second, does anyone have experience with WA eCart 2.0? I noticed they also have a Dynamic Flash Charts module and some other cool stuff. (Ben found this site)

  • Zen Cart

    Has anybody used Zen Cart and can you comment on likes/dislikes?

  • Interface Design

    Here at Tornado we’re passionate about good interface design. Especially when it comes to web applications. We’re building a web application called Windstorm which probably accounts for most of our interest in the medium and I think that’s fair. One of the sites we’ve found that has some great inspiration if you’re into this sort […]