I want expanded OSX mouse control

I’m looking for some assistance. I’ve searched through versiontracker.com and searched Google looking for a decent OSX mouse control application that will expand my control over its speed. Specifically, I want to remove the highly focused control it gives me at slow speeds and over buttons. Can anybody recommend a program I should try?

Update: Based on Ben’s recommendation to try MacMice MouseCommand v10 (scroll to the bottom to download) I now have a superb mouse that acts more like a Windows mouse. I can modify Cursor Acceleration (when moving the mouse slowly I can now move it faster than default).

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  1. On a somewhat related note, you must investigate (and install) uControl. It’s a freeware app that allows you to do a host of cool things. Mainly I use it so that pressing “fn” while fingering the trackpad turns it into a scroll wheel. I seriously cannot use laptops without such a feature.

  2. I prefer Sidetrack for trackpad scrolly functionality. Nice way to use that huge square of space and it’s hard to surf without anymore!

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