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I need recommendations for a sort of franchise locator script. The kind where people enter a zip code or choose a state and get a listing of locations or stores nearby.

Any recommendations? Let me know. My needs call for a Windows ASP/.NET script. I’ve been looking on HotScripts and found one called Easy To Find Us however it’s $250 and so I want to know if this is the best choice or if you folks know of anything better?

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  1. search for zip codes .mdb and look for one that lists zip codes, longitude and latitude and place name – ive foind ones for the UK in the past – theyre really usefull but you need a mega database system to deliver speedy results (or a giant array held in memory).


  2. You certainly will find life easier with latitude and longitude for each zip code. The mathematics to locate every shop within a givin center point is straightforward and any engineer or scientist from a local college could show you how to do it, you could probably even find it on line (vector calculus is required, dot products etc).

  3. Oh, and it’s $99. Also, since it’s COM, it can be accessed by either ASP or ASP.NET and it supports Access databases though we used SQL Server for our ZIP code database.

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