Category: Software

  • ASAP Utilities (for Excel)

    I found a neat little utility today for Excel (Windows only). It’s called ASAP Utilities and out of the box the free software lets you merge table cells and perform hundreds of other little functions that Microsoft forgot.

  • PearPC

    A friend of mine says you can download PearPC and actually install Apple’s OSX on a PC and it works! Sweet, I’m going to try it tomorrow.

  • Favicon from JPG or GIF

    Cool web site that makes a Favicon from a photo.

  • Flash to Screensaver

    We’re looking for software to create a screensaver from a Flash file. The software we’re considering is called ScreenTime and it can make versions for both Windows and Mac (which we need). So my question is: does anyone have experience with this software or would you recommend something different? Thanks!