I need a ASP “Remind Me By Email” script

We’re building a web site for a local bakery and they want to let their customers create “reminders” for themselves. Essentially they want people to choose a few specific dates (such as Anniversary, or Birthday) and they’d get an email 2-weeks in advance of that date reminding them that they should place an order.

Can anybody recommend something like this? I’ve found a few scripts already. One is called RemindMe and the other is MyAgenda v2. Except that this one appears to be PHP based. The other choice is to build from scratch since it’s essentially a simple script, but I wanted to see what options I had. Thanks folks!

One thing I do know: It needs to run on a Windows server.

Update: We ended up building our own script for the client in .NET. Check it out: Remind Me By Email Script.

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  1. whynot run winperl? that way you can use the perl script you mentioned (i beloeve winperl is free – or at lease i know there are some free perl intrepreters – you’ll need to be on dedicated hosting, if not your shared host may support perl on NT – have a chat with them. you can always use asp to post data to the perl scripts.

  2. Or write your own. It’s as simple as having a form submit to a page that move the data into a database and then a scheduled batch job (or SQL job depending on your RDBMS) scours the DB each day and sends out the email.

    It could be as simple as a specific URL that runs a page that sets off the database search and sends out the emails. You would then have some utility hit the URL every day. ColdFusion has a great utility to do this that we’ve used to considerable effect, but Windows has schedulers available as well.

    Of course, this page would need to either be locked down or so obscure that it’s unlikely anyone would find it. Security through obscurity does work well when the target isn’t worth looking for.

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