Mpeg editor?

Hi folks, I need a quick simple program that can be used to edit an mpeg file. Essentially I don’t need a lot of features, just the ability to trim and then export (ideally to WMV). Any suggestions?? Free is best in this case.

Update: I ended up using the Windows Media Encoder provided by Microsoft. I didn’t know it was so cool. Essentially I took the mpg and brought it into the video and made a VHS quality video. Assuming our project goes live on schedule I’ll post a link to the video. I’m still interested in good recommendations for free video editors. Stuff I can really cut end move video around with. Thanks.

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  1. Speaking of video editors… Have any of you ever used Blaze Media Pro for video editing? I have been using the demo, and it seems to work incredibly well for what I need. Now, I know it is not an application like Premiere Pro, Audition, or Encore, etc. However, it seems to do what I need (save the audio from video files, delete parts of video files, save out parts, etc.) quite well. Add to that all the other features in the program (audio editing, audio and video conversions, audio and video CD burning, video capture, copying audio CDs, etc.), it seems like a very good value at only $50. I really like the other features too. I am trying to decide if I should go with it or keep looking for something else. Anyone have feedback? Thanks.

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