Category: Inspiration

  • Engadget’s Big User Interface Features

    I was checking out the Engadget blog and liked some of the ways they have the site designed. I’ve included a few screen captures below, of the areas I liked the most. Interesting way of showing which posts are the most popular. When you click “Submit Tip” this panel pops up with the giant headline…

  • Fitbit

    I like the Fitbit web site. The home page does a nice job explaining what the product does, and gives examples of the data you’ll be able to access when you use the product.

  • Awesome Illustration

    This is an awesome design illustration from N.Design Studio I just had to post. Love the colors and the style!

  • Nice Pencil Sketch Design

    Here’s a sweet pencil-sketch design from the RichPurple blog. It’s simple, elegant and grabs your attention.