Category: Inspiration

  • Go Hawaii

    The Hawaii Convention & Visitors Bureau has produced an amazing travel guide for Hawaii called I’m considering a trip there this fall, and this site has been very helpful for learning about the state. Where to go, and what to see. Kudos to them for the nice site.

  • Wolfram Alpha suggests how to use

    Wolfram Alpha is unlike any other search engine. Because of this, searches you would normally do on another standard search engine don’t always work. They’ve got a really nice example that suggests how to search, and gives you a way to see how it works. Nice job!

  • Jim Carrey’s and Jeff Bridges Crazy Web Sites

    Comedian and actor Jim Carrey has a pretty bizarre web site. It’s filled with crazy animations, strange sound and music, and some surprises. Actor Jeff Bridges fills his site with interesting illustrations and writing. Inspired by a post on Hacker News.

  • NBC Miami’s “Like” Button

    Check out this sweet feature on the NBC Miami web site. Whenever visitors are viewing an article they can rate it based on a number of factors — like “Laughing” or “Furious.” It’s a great way to gauge reader opinion without requiring that they leave a comment. And — after you’ve shared your opinion, you…