Category: Inspiration

  • LEAP Organics’ Package Design

    These designs are just flat out amazing to me. Love the vibrant color, detail, typography, effects. Designed by Moxie Sozo for Leap Organics and scheduled to launch spring 2010. Can’t wait to see them in the wild.

  • Ugmonk Shirts

    the Ugmonk Shop is bucking the trend and showing their t-shirts with wrinkles. They also have some really cool shirt designs.

  • AJ-Hewitt

    Luxury tailor AJ-Hewitt has a site that shows off their fine clothing. I rather like the muted color palette and the big photos.

  • Boxee Launches New Site Design

    Boxee is a free service you can use to stream a bunch of video sources to your television. It’s very popular, and they just recently updated their web site and I think it’s gorgeous. A few of the things I liked: The way the video is at the top of the page, but mostly hidden…