Category: Inspiration

  • TED 2010 Program Guide UI

    I found the program guide for the TED 2010 conference really interesting. They’ve managed to keep it all on one page and allow sorting by photo.

  • Press Coffee

    One of my favorite coffee shops in Phoenix is Press Coffee. It’s about 12 minutes from my house (but I still don’t get there often enough). Earlier this year they asked Tornado to redesign their web site and gave us virtually complete design freedom. We chose to go with a dark background so that the…

  • Deckstool

    Another site that Kent pointed me to is Deckstool. It’s a company that turns old skateboard decks into stools. Each “deckstool” is unique and numbered. Great find!

  • Pictory

    Kyle Neath linked to Pictory and I liked it enough to post it here. Excellent photo site about a city.