Category: Inspiration

  • The Swish Life

    Kent pointed me to this web site — The Swish Life Magazine. They’ve got an awesome design that looks simple, but still contains lots of content. They also pay good attention to image quality, and design.

  • Wired Magazine

    Another interesting magazine web site is Wired. They are also running on WordPress. The visual design here is striking: Big massive section headers and big wide gaps between content.


    While checking out the WordPress VIP offerings I visited one of their portfolio sites, While there I really became attracted to the clean visual design. It’s clean and simple but has plenty of unique attributes – like the zigzag lines separating content blocks, and the big bold headlines.

  • just redesigned (I’ve never ordered from them before) and they have been profiled over at Brand New for their cool logo. On their site, you can order live Maine lobsters and other shellfish. I’ve got to hand it to them for using real photos which absolutely make the web site.