Category: Inspiration

  • Great Illustration Design from Tsevis

    Tsevis Visual Design, a creative agency in Greece, has worked for some big name clients and it’s easy to see why. I love how their art blends the real and the abstract in a totally interesting and creative way. Boost your creative juices and check out their amazing website portfolio.

  • Chromeography

    Chromeography is a site dedicated to vehicle typography. Shown in the form of beautiful photographs… hundreds of car logos, and other chrome emblems of the vehicle age.

  • Typekit

    Typekit is a new startup designed to make it easy to embed fonts in your web sites. It’s a subscription service with annual price plans based on bandwidth. They have a free plan for testing it out, so it could be fun to experiment with some of the fonts on low-bandwidth sites.

  • A Story Before Bed

    I’m an avid reader of Hacker News (a site for startups) and today one of the topics of discussion was about A Story Before Bed. First of all, the design of the site is absolutely beautiful. It’s similar to Mac application Deliicious Library which also has the “bookshelf” theme. I could envision this sort of…