Boxee Launches New Site Design

Boxee is a free service you can use to stream a bunch of video sources to your television. It’s very popular, and they just recently updated their web site and I think it’s gorgeous.

A few of the things I liked:

  • The way the video is at the top of the page, but mostly hidden until you click on it.
  • The way the navigation bar is a pull down showing extra functionality — it’s not really a navigation bar in the traditional sense.

2 responses to “Boxee Launches New Site Design”

  1. It’s good looking but personally I wasn’t blown away. I also found the sticky dropdowns a tad annoying and can’t make sense of those Vimeo player controls with the time elapsed label cropped too closely. I thought the page hadn’t loaded well when I first looked at it.
    The illustrations are great though and different – for once – from the candy-colored creatures we’re seeing everywhere these days.
    But whatever as long as the service does what it says it will.

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