Category: Inspiration

  • Table UI Patterns

    Formatting table rows is something very interesting to me, and my friend Kent recently showed me this useful link, which showcase some really great inline editing designs: Ultimate guide to table UI patterns. After reading that, jump over and read a response to that post, which contains 3 more examples. I love this kind of […]

  • Pei Wei Does Red Like Nobody Else

    Of all of the sites I’ve seen, the folks at Pei Wei do it best with red. The red of course is from their branding, but they carry it into the stores with bright red floors (they must wax them). I just love their site layout – the typography and bright colors from the photography […]

  • Seattle’s Best

    Okay, so the other night I visited a Seattle’s Best that was inside a Borders Bookstore here in Phoenix. I ordered a small mocha and thought about their recent rebranding. Over at Brand New, 46% in a poll agree that the new logo is a “dumb move.” Which is interesting to me, considering how much […]

  • A Modern Eden

    A Modern Eden is a cool little design firm with a few iPhone applications… based around cute drawings of animals. Very nice layout, clean and bright colors and simple language.