Category: Inspiration

  • Krispy Kreme

    The Krispy Kreme web site is just so perfect for what it is, a site about great donuts. I think they’ve done a great job with the branding… pulling the flavor into the site. On a side note, what do people think about the logo? Personally I think its retro and carries a lot of…

  • Snell & Wilmer

    Here’s a great law-firm web site for Snell & Wilmer I love the bright contrast in the photos used throughout the web site, excellent use of type, and some easy navigation.

  • Coolness is a real word

    There is a new article over at DesignInteract/CommArts about getting high profile jobs with the Smithsonian. I’m writing this post and I haven’t even finished reading the article it’s that good (I will). The article is here. You’ve got to check out West Point in the Making of America. Also the Postal Museum. To finish…

  • Julia Child cooks

    The colors and imagery on this new web site for Julia Child blend to create an awesome site that lets you explore. So go visit the site, and be sure to check out this article over at DesignInteract/CommArts about the site.