Category: Inspiration

  • Just lovely, tiltingly cool

    The New Tilt web site is pretty cool, in fact, it is very cool. I love how it has so much “open” white space which makes everything feel so easy to read and see.

  • Marvel

    I especially liked the broad use of colors and imagery to communicate with this site for Imaginary Forces. This is one of those “funky” sites with lots of shapes and odd things going on, but the difference is that I don’t feel like the message is lost. I can still read the copy when I…

  • More neat furniture

    The navigation and simplicity of this site for Turnstone Furniture is just so easy and useful. I’m just jazzed by the ease of which I can find things. A winner.

  • Steelcase has neat chairs

    Here’s a neat site for Steelcase with good sized blocks of colors and a whole lotta content. I like the colored lines above the navigation scheme and how they change the colors in each section of the site… they work well with the pull downs.