Category: Inspiration

  • Art gallery site

    I spoke with Sue at Andora Gallery today, they’ve got an awesome web site. I told her that. It’s just cool. I think it’s fine that the site is built with frames, but please tell me why??? why was this site built with frames? It doesn’t need to be that way. A solid winner.

  • Santaluz

    Santaluz. This site just “works,” the copy is written with style and there is plenty of spacing between lines. The colors all match and there are some big pictures. Cool.

  • Nike

    Check out the new, on homepage, move your back and forth (right – left). Pretty neat, huh? Thanks Kristin!

  • Juggling

    Here’s an e-zine called JuggleZine, it’s about work, design, time management, and balancing your work and personal life. I especially love the way it is designed with superb type treatment, wonderful color scheme, and simple balance that helps the content stand out.