Category: Inspiration

  • Creating a unique feeling

    DigitalKick Design makes me feel like they’re a special group of designers with enough creativity to do something really innovative. I get this feeling that whatever they do might have a feel and look to it that most people wouldn’t have thought of. In some ways it reminds me of Dominey and Second Story, however…

  • Full screen news delivery

    With CBC Home Delivery I can get my news and learn about things all from my computer and it’s entirely Flash based. Check out the cool interface.

  • Solution People

    I’m reading a book right now called Creating Customer Evangelists, compliments of my sales coach. The book is about creating in your customers a desire to tell other people about you and your business. Basically, your happy customers become your sales force… but they do it because they like you, not because of any great…

  • Lunch

    I think the simple colors and subtle typography and imagery make this site called Lunch At Noon a winner hands down.