Category: Inspiration

  • Bigha

    Ladies and Gentlemen, here is a really nice site. Bigha. Here’s a really good discussion at Signal Vs. Noise. You can tell that a lot of time was spent on this site. A whole lot of time. The navigation and colors used throughout the site are really lovely.

  • Smooth flash interface

    Saw this site last night and had to post it. I can’t recall how I ran across it. Check out Innivo Design. I thought it was such a fine example of simple yet stylish.

  • Real Estate flash app

    Very cool, very powerful real estate flash app: looking to buy in the London area? Muy excellente. (thanks to the AZ Flash users group)

  • Flash that’s useful

    I was just checking out Harrison Hurwitz Photography’s web site and was impressed by both the usability of this site (by using Flash, they didn’t lose any functionality or readability) and wanted to share it with everyone. I love the simple navigation style. The choice of colors and movement. The simplicity is what makes it…