Category: Inspiration

  • LG Electronics site design

    I found the LG Electronics site tonight. I thought the water droplett effect over the primary photo was cool – makes it come alive somehow. Other things to notice include the interesting application of radio buttons and pull down menus near the middle left part of the page. Visitors can choose what type of person […]

  • Quick, “High-End Frigerators, Name a Brand?”

    We were doing some research for a client and ran across the SubZero web site today. Some things I liked: The navigation bar on the left side that gives me easy access to product information. Big photos. And the clever footer (on the homepage) asking me what I want my kitchen to be. Nice.


    So my friend gets a phone call from today and they’re selling 4-months of “being featured” for $150. Have you ever used this type of service before? What were your results? By the way, this site is simply fantastic in terms of design. It rocks! Think what you like… I love the fact that […]

  • Cool navigation

    Bath & Body Works brings out a new Flash site with a really cool navigation system. What they’ve done is basically consolidated everything in to 3 sections and placed navigation as a primary element on the screen. – Thanks to the AZ Flash Users Group for this one. Does it make it any easier to […]