So my friend gets a phone call from Portfolios.com today and they’re selling 4-months of “being featured” for $150. Have you ever used this type of service before? What were your results?

By the way, this site is simply fantastic in terms of design. It rocks! Think what you like… I love the fact that on the homepage you have a simple logo and statement about what they do. Also you can quickly navigate the site using the simple navigation bar.

One response to “Portfolios.com”

  1. Except that the portfolios.com website is ridiculously slow and its usability is, to put it mildly, pathetic. For example, how do I differentiate between “interactive and web design” if I’m looking for just a web site designer? How do I search on location when I’m not given any cues as to what to type in — do I enter “Indiana” or do I enter “Fort Wayne, Indiana” or something else entirely?

    This is another example of form over function. Give me Yahoo! any day, I wouldn’t pay the portfolios.com designers to clean up my backyard.

  2. I got the chance to stop by Copper Star Coffee on Sunday. Thumbs up! Great place, and love the look. I wasn’t to thrilled with my Macchiato, but overall I enjoyed the experience. I’ll go back there again and would recommend them to others.

  3. I go to Flagstaff just to go to Macy’s alone. I just love that place, and haven’t found any place like it anywhere. The coffee is out of this world, but it’s their pastries, much of which are vegan and very creative, that really sets it apart. If only there was one in Portland…

  4. Does Coffee Rush actually stack up to the likes of lux?
    Take this from a frequent visitor of Rush, it is basically, just an corporate coffee shop that happens to be indie.


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