Coolness is a real word

There is a new article over at DesignInteract/CommArts about getting high profile jobs with the Smithsonian. I’m writing this post and I haven’t even finished reading the article it’s that good (I will).

The article is here. You’ve got to check out West Point in the Making of America. Also the Postal Museum.

To finish off a most excellent post I have two interesting facts for you: First of all, did you notice that airport runways always have number painted on each end? Well, maybe you didn’t know this: that number if you add a zero onto the end is the compass reading for that runway… and on the other end of the runway is the reverse compass reading. Isn’t that neat!! Coolness. And that brings me to my second interesting fact. The word “coolness” is actually in the dictionary. Now that’s cool! 🙂

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