Guest: Bob from Bob’s BBQ Talks about Cooking with Wildfire

Hi folks, Bob took some time out of his busy Independence Day cooking schedule to talk with BrainFuel about his tips for making great barbeque. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

Bobs BBQ

BrainFuel Columnist: “Hi Bob, thanks for joining us once again to bring us some tips on grilling. We wondered if you would like to share your tips for grilling using wildfire.”

Bob from Bobs BBQ: “Hey hey hey, it’s absolutely my pleasure to be here. I’ve got some great summer tips – so let’s get started!”

BrainFuel: “Great!”

Bob: “Oh yeah. Well, let’s start with wildfire. If you love smoked BBQ as much as me, then you absolutely must try Wildfire BBQ. It’s a little more expensive if you order it at the restaurant because the cook has to go find a fire. But if you’re feeling adventurous, you can do this on your own and for little money.”

Here’s what you need to do:

#1: “Find a wildfire. Look for the smoke signals and drive. Find a nice burning tree like this one.”

#2: “After you have identified a great wildfire, pull out the steaks you have packed on ice in your car.”

Editors Note: You should never start a wildfire. That’s a no-no.

#3: “Next, pull out your Bob’s BBQ Sauce Special and smother your steaks. Be sure to really drench them.”

#4: “Next, take out some tin foil and wrap each steak liberally with tin foil. You want to have enough wrapped around so the steak doesn’t get out.”

#5: “Here’s the fun part. Step up to the fire and toss in your steaks. Remember to count the packages so you remember to get them all.”

BrainFuel: “Wait, Bob! Are you serious about this part?! Couldn’t this be dangerous? Wouldn’t this be too hot?”

Bob: “That’s a good question but you don’t need to be concerned. A wildfire can be dangerous but when you know the BBQ is going to taste this good it’s all worth it. All of the finest restaurants cook steaks at extreme temperatures. This process simply replicates what we do with hundred-thousand-dollar ovens. The only difference is you’re doing it for free.”

BrainFuel: “Gotcha. Thanks.”

Bob:“So the next step is… #6: Be patient as your steaks cook and the wildfire moves to a new place. At this point, you should have moved back to a safe place away from the fire. Be sure to watch your steaks though! Often poachers will attempt to come in and steal your steaks. So this is the time to carefully watch.”

#7: “Once the fire moves past move in and gather your steaks. Bring hot pads or a big fork so you don’t burn yourself picking them up.”

BrainFuel: “That’s great, Bob. But what if I want to cook some side dishes, such as baked beans?”

Bob: “Oh! For that you just need to bring a sturdy pot that is all metal and really solid. You want to place it on the ground and put a rock over the top so that the lid doesn’t come off during the fire. Guaranteed delicious beans!”

BrainFuel: “Wow, those are some terrific ideas! We appreciate you taking the time to talk with us today.”

Bob: “My pleasure. Be sure to try my fabulous BBQ sauce! It makes it 10X better.”

Coming Next: Grilling in 115 degree heat (as promised) and then after that… Superman and Bob meet a friend we all know and love.



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