Bob responds to your questions

Well, Bob has had more than a week to respond and I’ve been pestering him every day about his apparent lack of concern for anything unrelated to barbeque. Needless to say I did catch up with him. He agreed to answer only one of your questions and so I had left it up to him to pick the question. I was delighted that he answered all of them.

Have you ever used jet fuel in your gas grill?DB Smith

I have but not in the way you’re thinking. One time while I was camping out in the desert of Arizona one of the F15’s from Luke Air Force Base crashed near my camp. Fortunately the pilot was able to eject in time and I joined him for a campfire around the burning wreckage. We sang songs and cooked a jackalope over the fire. It was some of my best BBQ ever. Good question!

What is a propane accessory?Mark

It could be a number of things. It might be a disposable bottle adapter, it could be hoses or regulators, maybe a gas guage to regulate flow, or something like that. All very useful things to have when you grill on-site and don’t have gas hookups.

Should I be more concerned about Mad Cow Disease or the Avian Flu?Ara Pehlivanian

This is a fabulous question because within lies the answer to what you’re going to eat for the next year. The answer to your question is this: Think tofu.

If I tried hard enough, could I lick my elbow?Ara Pehlivanian

Ara, I just tried licking my elbow and I succeeded. So the answer to that question would be, “if your tongue is long enough”.

We’ve all heard of prime rib, but is there such a thing as secondary and tertiary ribs too?Ara Pehlivanian

Prime rib is a special kind of rib that can only be divided evenly by itself or the number one.

Hey Bob, when will brainfuel implement AJAX and web 2.0????Thomas Chapin

April 12, 2006.

Bob, do you consider yourself to be an eschatological postmillenialist or are you more of a premillenialist?Don

Wow, this question sure stands out among the rest. I’d say I’m an Amillennialists. How about you? (1) (2)

Bob, is big or little endian better?Don

I’m going to go for the middle ground here. So, um, medium.

Having set a budget and done 90% of the work a client says “can you just…” and wants to add in lots of new functions – what do you do?Mark Rush

Let the customer know it’s going to be really difficult so that even if you do end up doing the work you look like a hero because you pulled off the impossible. That’s what I do every day when a customer asks for their steak well-done. Ewwww.

Do my socks match?Bryan

Only if you think they do. Try wearing different shoes to work and see if anybody notices. If they don’t, that might say something about your co-workers.


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