Ask Bob: Round 2

Awhile back Bob from Bob’s BBQ answered your numerous questions and he’s up for a second round of questions. So, have at it! Ask Bob your questions whether they be about proper soil aeration techniques or how to plant a roof garden.

Please leave your questions in the comments and I’ll be sure that Bob responds here next week.

14 responses to “Ask Bob: Round 2”

  1. i have this idea after eating a packet of beef crisps (chips to the americans), shortly afterwards, i was having a good root around my nasal passages hunting for that illusive bogey, upon eating said bogey i notices that the flavouring from the crisps gave my bogey a distinctly beefy flavour, do you think there is mileage in developing a product to flavour your bogeys?

    BTW its scientifically proven that eating bogeys increases your bodys immune system!)

  2. When I was a cub scout many many years ago, I remember going on a camping trip and pit cooking. This wasn’t “pit” as in bar-b-que, but rather pit as in dig a hole in the dirt, place the food in and then cover the hole back up.

    The food (I think we cooked potatoes) was excellent.

    Do you have any experts tips you can share on pit cooking?

  3. Are any kinds of molds edible? There seem to be a bunch in my fridge. How do I pick the edible ones and how would I go about preparing them?

  4. No matter what the green people say, pertolium companies (and their subsidiaries) have no interest in letting us drive a car into our garage and hook it up to our mains supply as a source of power. instead they will devise a way of re-fueling via the standard service/filling/petrol stations to continue their revenue streams… discuss 🙂

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