Coca Cola BlaK

I’m sorry, mixing coffee with carbonated water is really bad. I actually tried doing that last week. So why would Coca-Cola release a beverage with that very mix? You’ve got me. They’re going to name it BlaK and it has a cool little web site. I like the look of the bottle.

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  1. Sounds interesting. I’ll be giving this a try. I’ve been drinking Coke and coffee over ice for years. Ever try Root Beer and coffee over ice? Yum.

  2. Ya know what… mix it with a little chocolate syrup mixed with milk and it’s absolutely yummy. Reminisant of days gone by of something called a chocolate phosphate, only now it has the kick of coffee as well. Enjoy or don’t, it’s all about personal preference not bashing someone’s likes or dislikes.

  3. it is great i am totaly addicted to it but i think it is some thing the goverment made because it iss just to wierd but it definatly is a great energy rush and i love chuging them

  4. Got some earlier today. Just finished one. In a frosty pint glass, over ice. If you’e going to have it over ice, you have to drink it before the ice dilutes it too much… yeeech.

    The 8-ounce bottle is 180 calories… and it tastes like it. Very sweet. Very good. But it’ll have to be a very rare treat. As Ethan said… it’s oh so easy to get hooked on this stuff.

    This is going to be the foundation of some pretty rockin’ cocktails. Mark my words.

    BTW, the bottle says it’s only 45 calories per serving… a serving is 2 ounces? UmHmmm. Right.

  5. I just bought some at safeway/vons on sale for 1.99 a four pack, they are in the fridge… will try them when they are cold. 🙂 I love coffee and coke so I’m excited to give them a try.

  6. This stuff really taste’s good…I dont know about the energy side, as caffine doesn’t have much of an effect on me. I bought a whole bunch at Tom Thumb(same as safeway) for 1.99 a 4 pack. Only problem is, that price is only good till tuesday, then it goes up to 8 bucks a 4 pack, or a 1.69 for a single. Yikes, that’s expensive…

  7. I just got one at the local convenience store @ $1.49 a bottle which for me is too expensive to be an avid user, but it really tastes pretty good.

    I think those that want to appear trendy will snatch it up since it’s black and has a cool looking bottle.It’s definitely an AMP competitor and nothing else.

    If I suddenly experience a rush of energy or something from this new elixir then I’ll change my mind, but for now it’s diet coke all the way! Pepsi sucks.

  8. Just bought this at Target today and chilled it before drinking. I was not aware that Coke was making this product and being one to try new things, I grabbed a 4 pack without knowing it had a coffee taste. When I read the bottle when I got home, my expectations disappeared…but, it actually tasted pretty good. On the other hand, I tried Vault a few weeks ago and would never buy again. This Blak stuff though, I probably would. Too bad that it seems priced a little high. Ahh, just go try it for yourself 🙂

  9. I’m a coffee lover and grew up with coca cola. I think the 2 are paired very nicely and I hope it sticks around, cause I now have something new and “different” to drink that actually tastes great! Acquired taste? Yes. Adventurous? Yes! Pricey? Yes. But I’ll be a repeat buyer.

  10. I was skeptical at first but it actually tastes pretty good. It is pricey though so I won’t be buying it too often. It will come in handy during finals.

  11. I’ve been mixing coffee and colas for years. Its less sweet than regular coke. I find the flavors compatible. Its a more ‘adult’ taste for me. I also add shots of espresso to dark beer (like a porter or stout). We call them ‘Magic Cups’ out here in the Northwest. We like our coffee and dark beers out here. Sometime, together.


  13. I just tried Blak. I was surprised how much I liked it. But then, I like coffee. The coffee along with the sweetness of Coke gave Blak an almost mocha taste. I did not experience a lift, but then, I was pretty up anyway. Bottom line: I like it.

  14. I like it!!! Had a coffee Soda from New York years ago, loved it even though it was very very sweet….. This BlaK on the other hand has the right flavor without being super soaked in sugar. To be honest I’m a coffee nut so my taste buds lean that way, hope it sticks around, I’ll be buying more….

  15. The first sip I took of this drink really wasnt that pleasing. But I took another sip and it started to taste better. I bought a 4 pack today about 2 hours ago and have already had 2 bottles.

    Its a very intresting mix of bevarages because it makes the coke smooth and not so acidic.

    14, Male, Michigan

  16. This stuff rocks. I bought a 4 pack, and finished it in one day, addictive taste. A perfect balance between coca cola and coffee. I really like the unique taste it has. I re bought a few bottles today :).. I love glass bottle coca cola, it stays colder and tastes better, worth the cost for an occassional treat.

  17. I bought some today and like it. I had not seen any advertising or any information about the product prior to tasting so was not aware of what it is. I am an avid Coke drinker, so when I saw the four pack in the store I was intrigued enough to try. When I tasted it, I was suprised by the coffee flavor intermingling with the coke taste. And it is only 45 cal per bottle. I checked on that to be sure. That was another aspect I liked about it. A nice treat for only a few calories. I will definitely buy again. At the price, it is not a cola alternative, but for me a low cal replacement when I want a candy bar, or an energy drink splurge.

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