Coca Cola BlaK

I’m sorry, mixing coffee with carbonated water is really bad. I actually tried doing that last week. So why would Coca-Cola release a beverage with that very mix? You’ve got me. They’re going to name it BlaK and it has a cool little web site. I like the look of the bottle.

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  1. wouldn’t that be the easiest way to get people more addicted to Coke? They already add caffine and some other drug that I heard was the basis of speed… Why not go all out to gain a loyal audience? I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole… 🙂

  2. In the book Syrup (see the Amazon link), his drink’s name starts with F. But other than that, there is a striking resemblance here!

    “The new product’s name is, hilariously, a “dirty” word, spelled unconventionally and in stylish font on a black can.”

  3. Ben, you hit the nail on the head. I’ll be surprised if this product is on the market for very long.

    There’s some nice elements to that promotional site but it’s just so full of Marketese!! Cryptic links like “In the know” that basically re-play something you’ve just seen when the site loaded… what a way to waste your audience’s time.

  4. Doesn’t the Coke swash of the letter A mean it’s a long A and is pronounced “blake?” Makes for some odd imagery.

  5. ok your sould all stop ypur bitching if you don’t like it dont buy it, i know i am i could give a shit less whats in the drink. As long as it tastes good ill buy it.

  6. Ok…try kahlua, coke, and some vanilla vodka… if this is going to taste anyting like that…it will sell great.

  7. i’ve tried it . . and it taste exactly like coke and coffee. its an acquired taste for sure. but the energy booster side seems to be working well this morning. the glass container only holds 8oz tho.

  8. I totally agree with Tony..well said!! I’m super stoked to try this drink. I love coffee and I love coke. I’ve tryed to imagine what it would taste like together and the outcome of my imagination is always awesome…

  9. You know, I don’t usually support big bloated entities like Coca Cola corp, but..this stuff is Really really good. The bottle will probably become a collectors item too. It’s like a slimmed down, shrunk down, glass Coke bottle, very handy. Ah well, just my .002 cents.

  10. Blak is actually not that bad, other than seeming a bit pricier than other energy drinks on the market. At 49 calories, it’s definitely not going to break any calorie banks, unless you’re prone to otherwise unhealthy consuption trends. It gives a nice refreshing lift and doesn’t have have overly strong coffee tastes, for those who don’t like java.

    If Coke would put the stuff on sale, I’d snatch a lot more of it…maybe wholesellers will have it at a better price.

  11. There IS a god! It’s really good. But be careful not to drink it too fast – you’ll have a big rush.

  12. Does anyone know if this tastes anything like the ‘Manhattan Special’ that you can find in NYC??

  13. I love coffee – have been drinking this wonderful drink since childhood. Being allergic to milk – my family put half coffee and half milk in my glass. The coffee acted like a acidic predigestive on the milk – allowing me to drink it without pain or problems.

    I still love coffee. Think it’s the most perfect beverage and food. When reading of Coke’s new product coffee and coke – was skeptical, but thought would try it.

    Just tried it tonight – I actually like it. Nice, not to strong, not to sweet, and only 45 calories. I still prefer a nice expresso, but it’s a nice addition to my coffee treats.

  14. I can honestly say that I was not pursuaded by any sort of mass media of sorts. Sheerly from word of mouth I decided to try this product.

    I highly doubted I would…but I honestly like it. The bottles are small, but at $2.50 for four containers, I’m not really too concerned. Also, the low caloric amount astounded me at 45 per bottle. Kudos Coca Cola.

    Another note to add would be that I have great disdain towards regular coke, but this rendition is rather delightful. I may go out and buy more cases when the shops in the area re-open

  15. I really like this stuff. It has a creamy vanilla-ish flavor, and the combination of coke flavor and coffee also gives it hints of chocolate. It finishes great. Not too expensive compared to other coffee drinks.

  16. :/ pepsi tried that 11 years ago and it was crap. eh. maybe i’ll try it, but it sounds awful.

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