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I’m sorry, mixing coffee with carbonated water is really bad. I actually tried doing that last week. So why would Coca-Cola release a beverage with that very mix? You’ve got me. They’re going to name it BlaK and it has a cool little web site. I like the look of the bottle.

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  1. I ,like the prior comment, love coke so i bought it while being a lil concerned about the “carbonated fusion bverage” aspect. I did look up some info before trying it. I mean, for all I knew it was a combinaion coke and vodka. I tried one sip and was nauseated by the after taste. But the 2nd sip was’nt as bad. I found that by chugging it you get the burn of coke and a vanilla type after taste [is that why it was taken off the market???] I’m not an avid fan, but my sister is, I plan on only useing this stuff for studying.But I so give props on the 45 calorie limit.

  2. I Love it, I love it. Now I have a new favorite drink. Very smooth, easy to drink down. Now my favorite of all cokes. You have to try it if you are a coke/coffee fan. I hope they keep this stuff.

  3. Way tastier than you’d probably expect. There are these Vietnamese milk coffee hard candies that I used to have at my grandmother’s house all the time – it tastes quite a bit like those. Very nostalgic.

    Love the bottle.

  4. I tried it and I love it. So does my husband and daughter. In the words of Homer Simpson,”If you don’t like it, I know someone who will!”

  5. I have been a huge Coke lover for years, my favorite by far being Cherry Coke (there is a constant minimum of two 2-liter bottles of the stuff in my house).

    Being the die hard Coke fan, I gave them the benefit of a doubt this morning and bought a bottle. On my first sip, I almost gagged! This stuff is NASTY!! The second sip wasn’t much better. So, I figured, like coffee, it’s an aquired taste. I decided I’m going for it and took a huge gulp. Now I’m sick to my stomach.

    Why on earth would Coke try this? I know they have to compete with the likes Starbucks and Red Bull, but come on!! At least make it taste good!

    There is now a 3/4 full bottle of “Coca-Cola Blecchh” sitting in my garbage can!

  6. I tried the new Coca-cola “Blak” today. Certainly not as bad as some critics on the weblogs and review sites have been saying, but certainly not anything special enough to justify its $5.99 price at the supermarket. The taste is decidely coke… the “coffee” flavor seems rather artificial, almost like coffee candy as other folks have described. Leaves sort of a cheap coffee aftertaste in your mouth, too. Goes down pretty smooth however. A bit more tastier than regular coke, although i doubt they’re going to draw the “sophisticated” sippers that they will expect to blow the money on this stuff. Definitely won’t replace the Frappacino, and it certainly won’t replace my regular beverage of choice, Big K Vanilla Soda, which at $2.00 for 12 12oz cans is nearly 1/12 the price of Blak at $6.00 for 4 8oz bottles. Gotta dig their website, too. I’m on dial up, so i didn’t get to experience it in all its multimedia splendour, but with it’s splashy flash animations, videos and smooth jazz soundtrack, and general bloatedness which can only be enjoyed with broadband connections, they are clearly targetting an “elite” audience, but then again, i just said that!

  7. I love it! I’ve never seen any advertising for it but my sister told me about it and it sounded good (I like soda and coffee) so I tried it and I’m hooked. I’ve only been able to find it Jewel stores and I’ve looked elsewhere. The Meijer guy had never heard of it. I found some buy 1 get 1 coupons on the individual bottles at Jewel. Bought all of those I could! I think it’s a hit–just wish it wasn’t so pricey!

  8. Blak is way too expensive. When I wrote an email to complain they dismissed me. But I know if they get enough complaints the price will drop. I am writing Coca Cola a letter to complain about the price of Blak. I sent an email, and they were very dismissive, so I am starting a letter writing campaign. Here is their address if you want to send a letter.

    Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.
    P.O. Box 723040
    Atlanta, GA USA 31139-0040

    Coca Cola
    PO Box 1734
    Atlanta GA, 30301.
    If you want to email, this is their site submission form

    (Or you can take Diet Coke and mix it with 1 1/2 tablespoons of iced coffee syrup like Ice Java)

  9. Hi
    Well reading your comments about Blak inspired me to add to them. I live in France where Blak was first launched earlier this year. Now, for my sins and probably to the detriment of my physical being, I have been a Coke head for years, I started my detox from the normal stuff and was doing fine when they brought out Vanilla, which caught me on the track again. So, being firmly entrenched in the Coca-Cola mindset (I think you’re either Coke or Pepsi and never the twain shall meet) I was shopping in my local supermarket and the first thing that caught my eye was the bottle – good marketing guys. So, as you do, one went straight in the basket. Got home and with relish opened the bottle, I had no idea what to expect and took my first swig. What I’ve always liked about Coke and the derivatives of the Cola is the hit you get when you take that first mouthful, either if it’s new or you’ve not tasted it for a while. This was no different and I seriously thought it was liek velvet swimming over my taste buds – wow. I turned to my partner and asked her to try some – I’ll not use the exact wording but needless to say she wasn’t impressed. And to be honest all the people who’ve tasted it also felt the same as she did.
    So, I think that if Coke are bringing Blak onto the market to compete with the likes of Red Bull and other high energy drinks they could have some problems because it’s a very niche drink that yoiu’ll either love or hate and no in between. Also, with the likes of Red Bull, the take up (especially in the UK, where I’m from even though I live in France) has been with pub-goers mixing it with Vodka for that rush/ drunk feeling and I can’t see Blak making the same impression.
    I also heard today from a chemist that Blak contains some very dodgy ingredients that are substantially bad for the body; although I’ve not looked into it and could not substantiate his claims. Maybe someone out there can shed light on this.
    By the way, we now get Blak here in six pack cans (which came in handy when I was driving the six hundred miles through France with hardly any sleep, though I didn’t feel great afterwards). We get the packs for just over 3 Euros which works out half the price of buying individual bottles.
    Will I drink anymore? Of course, though I don’t think I’ll consume to the same level as I have done but just now and again and savour the taste.

  10. I just tried it and LOVE it! There were only 3 more bottles at the store where I found it… I’m on my way there to get those before they disappear! 🙂 If you haven’t tried it yet it is definitely worth the $2.

  11. I have been making a carbonated coffee drink since 1998 called Rocket. I am about to launch it in Australia its going to blow Coke and Pepsi away. Its a far superior product with a taste that you need all the time not just as an occasional drink,, stay tuned world.. Mike

  12. actually i’ve put coffe syrup into coke & into root beer for years – makes the best floats! blak is too astringent for me – i think a full sugar version would have better mouth feel. actually, as i’ve gotten older, coke seems more astringent to me – aging taste budes?

    the graphics on the bottle are sort of a mess. the coffee bean symbol is cool; the type face for “blak’ is not. the whole thing – product, bottle, advertising – smacks of being a focus group frankenstein.

  13. I tried the new coca cola blak and enjoyed the taste, but the ingredients contain phenylalanine, which is a part of aspartame, a chemical which can have some bad side effects when taken over time. As much as I like the taste of coke blak, I cannot support this product as I am very health conscious and from what I’ve read about the over-all health benefits of aspartame and phenylketonurics, I won’t be drinking this product.

  14. Just tried it and shocked to find I LIKED it…a lot. Also uneasy about it containing Aspartame, plus corn syrup — eesh, double metabolic whammy. Wonder why they didn’t use Splenda. More importantly, it only seems to be available in N. America and France so far – does the French product use corn syrup too, or did they go with sugar, like our Canuck neighbors do with Coke? I drive to Canada a couple of times a year to load up on Coke made with sugar, otherwise I avoid it.

  15. I just tried it today and I think its definately good. I’m not sure where to find it again though..kind of aquired it through work. Definately will buy it when I can find it though. It’s a unique taste so I can see where someone might not like it, but I definately do.

  16. I tried this in France. It was reli nice. Actually, I hate Coke a lot. I have already stopped drinking Coke for ages. But I do think that it’s a good drink. And it’s the only Coke I would drink. Hey…Buy and Try

  17. I tried this in France , wasnt sure of it at first but after that first can i was hooked. I hope they start selling it in England, if not ile be stocking up on my next trip to France.

  18. no more blak anywhere. what are we to do? smart & final stocked it after everyone else stopped (grocery stores) but now it’s no longer available. bummer.

  19. I just tried it for the first time after seeing it on the shelf in Walmart. I really love it, although I rather it didn’t have aspartame in it. Now that I’ve discovered it, I’d really hate for it to disappear.

  20. i like it, i would like it more without aspartame, i will probably not purchase again unless they take the aspartame out and lower the price.. i would not have purchased it if i had known. but, who would have thought to look for it since it isn’t diet. after all, the 2nd ingredient is high fructose corn syrup! never saw any advertising for it either.

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